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Scene of the horror

Sheffield man arrested after dog tortured and burned alive

Cops probing the horrific death of a dog that was tortured, tied to a tree and burnt to death in Sheffield, have arrested a man.

The horrific death of the Staffordshire bull terrier sent shockwaves across the city and yesterday the owner of the dog was traced by police.

It also emerged that the dog may have been snatched from a yard before being shockingly tortured, beaten with an iron bar and has its legs broken.

It was then tied to a tree close to allotments near Manor Laith Road, Skye Edge, and burned alive. It’s charred body was discovered by a passer by who was left traumatised by the discovery.

Today police have revealed that a man has been arrested. It is believed local people provided information to detectives following an incident of ‘street justice’.

It is understood the arrested man , aged 28, may have been injured prior to his arrest following a confrontation with a group of local people outraged by the horrific incident.

A spokesman said: “Officers investigating the death of a dog, which was found on Manor Laith Road, Sheffield, have arrested a 28-year-old man.

“The man from Sheffield was arrested yesterday evening (Tuesday, 26 February, 2013) on suspicion of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal and was bailed pending further enquiries.”



  • DJ

    Good hope he suffers a trillion times more than that poor dog…(R.I.P little baby)

  • clare

    how can someone be so cruel… its so upsetting, thank goodness the poor dog is suffering no more, defenceless !!! This man must be seriously disturbed

  • MickyR

    Hope someone in prison does the same to him, WHY IS HE ON BAIL???? second thought yes let him out, I am sure some of the people out there would like to give him a little justice for that poor animal.

    • sheffieldnewsandsport

      Presumably he is on bail because the offence of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal is not regarded as serious !!!1

  • Anna CherryPeach

    he was injured?! they should have tortured him slowly!

  • Gaz

    Why would you let a monster like that live? This is why we need the death penalty, for acts like this!! Evil!! Heartless!! There’s no justice in our justice system!! People take advantage of this country because they CAN!!

  • Ali

    pure pure evil disgusting thing (wont call it a human)..i hope IT suffers everyday of ITS pathetic life from now on for what IT did to that poor little dog-what goes around n all that..its made my day that they have caught it-come on judge dont let us down give IT a proper sentence and not just banned from keeping animals for 3 years

  • Nicola

    Really hope the scum bag gets the same treatment as that poor dog . He is pure evil and clearly should never be allowed near any animal ever again or person . I would gladly kick this scum bags teeth into next week if given the chance , I hate people who harm animals let’s hope justice is done .

  • Caz Duncan

    Animals are better than people

  • Nimmy

    What a vile sick person, lock him up and throw away the key.