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Have Sheffield University Union boobed over Sun ban?

Students’ Union leaders at the University of Sheffield have voted to ban sales of Britain’s biggest selling newspaper The Sun, because of Page Three.

The Union has banned sales of the tabloid claiming the News in Briefs section portrays women as “unintelligent”. The move came after the Students’ Union Council voted against polling all students over the issue.

But opponents say the ban is ‘pointless’ because the Sun – which sells around 2.5 million copies a day – is a part of the country’s culture.

Grace Burke, 20,from London, studying Geography, said:”It’s so much a part of the culture that I remember studying German and in the English-German dictionary of popular words and phrases there was a translation for Page Three.

“I don’t particularly want to look at Page 3 but banning it won’t make it go away because it’s out there and available for anybody to see.”

Accountancy student Dan Watson, 21, from Preston said: “I don’t mind taking a look at Page Three when I get the chance so I say they should keep the Sun in the Students’ Union.

“People who buy the Sun know there is always a Page Three girl so anyone who doesn’t want to see that doesn’t have to buy the Sun , it’s as simple as that.”

Geography student Chris Smith,20, from Wakefield, added: “I just don’t see the point in a ban. It’s a matter of personal choice – if you don’t want to look at Page Three don’t buy the Sun, I don’t see how a ban on selling it in the Students’ Union is going to change anything. It’s been around for so long it doesn’t offend most people.”

Luke Singleton, 20, from Colchester, a Geography student said: “It pointless having a ban like this because anybody can walk five minutes from the Students’ Union and buy a copy of the Sun, walk back in and read it, whatever the union officials think.”

  • beak15

    Something worrying about banning a national newspaper because they don’t like something in it. No on really likes the guardian but you wouldn’t ban it

    • admin

      Some people believe in free speech when it suits them but prefer censorship when it doesn’t. That’s gross hypocrisy.. you can’t have it both ways if you want free speech it has to be warts and all. University students should be informed enough to make their own judgement over the newspapers they want to read.